Better User Stories

Discover and Deliver What Customers Really Want


“User stories have challenged every team I’ve worked with...”

I hear this a lot.

Over the last 17 years I’ve worked with thousands of teams to help them overcome the common and frustrating problems with user stories. Problems such as:

• Knowing what user stories really are, and how to communicate this to team members

• Quickly and effectively identifying user stories with story maps

• Knowing how much detail to include, and when to add it

• Dealing with Conditions of Satisfaction and Acceptance Criteria

• Splitting user stories so that they are valuable and deliverable in an iteration

• Spending too much time writing user stories at the cost of developing something

Plus many, many more.

That’s why I wanted to design this advanced, in-depth video course: to eliminate these challenges while being more accessible and affordable than in-person training.


Better User Stories: What Makes It Different?

There are plenty of resources about user stories, but what people tell me is that it’s often hard to take this theory and practically apply it in the real-world.

This course feels as hands-on and practical as if I were working directly with you by including:

• A variety of techniques to try, not one-size-fits-all advice 

• Bite-size lessons that are easy to consume and zero-in on a specific problem

• Walk-through examples for a true step-by-step learning experience

• Vivid illustrations and animations to make the learning fun and memorable

• Worksheets to help you apply the lessons to your specific situation

• Quizzes to show you what you’ve learned, and highlight areas to focus on

And with Better User Stories, you don’t just get a one-off course. With lifetime access to the materials, it’s a training companion to support you throughout your agile career: increasing your skills, confidence, and value in your position.

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“This course is a valuable source for new Agilists as well as experienced Agilists who have been working in the trenches for years. The course lays a solid foundation in the first module and then immediately builds on that knowledge with topics often ignored when developing user stories... The one theme that runs through this entire course is the sound advice of Mike Cohn, someone who has been in the trenches, has done the work and has negotiated the challenges in building a good user story.”   

- Vittorio Sciulli, PMI-ACP, CSM, CSPO

Better User Stories

Discover and Deliver What Customers Really Want

Better User Stories is a comprehensive video training course that shows you the detailed strategies and tactics you need to master user stories in today’s agile environment. With 60+ focused lessons spread over 9 modules (plus quizzes, worksheets, transcripts and more), you get the value of 1:1 training without the prohibitive costs and logistics of attending a live workshop.

“I LOVED this course! It provided me with great tips that I can, and will use to help my development teams improve their story splitting skills. I can't wait to get started! I am also very excited to start doing story mapping! I really think this new technique, especially if used early on in the development cycle, will help identify a truly minimally marketable product. That exercise, I believe, will help us deliver better software sooner. After all, delivering valuable, functional software to our clients, is why we do what we do.”   

- Jennifer Bedore

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