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Anne Aaroe
Scrum Master

By far the best course I have had since I started my agile journey back in 2008.”

I think learning from someone who wrote the book on the topic is priceless... Great course. I will definitely be referencing it over and over again.”

Aaron Corcoran
Agile Coach

Travis Reed
QA on Call

As a lifelong learner, and someone who has to reach many diverse audiences, it is important that I constantly add 'new arrows to my quiver'. The tidbits and anecdotes are great 'mental thumbtacks' for recalling important elements on the path to success writing, using and managing work using User Stories.”

Mike is an amazing story teller with the unique ability of making esoteric topics such as user stories magically come to life.”

Eugene Nikomba

BONUS #4: Planning With Story Points

Use story points to create projections for fixed-date, and fixed-scope projects, even if your team is new to agile

One day of discussion with breakout rooms and regular breaks

Lifetime access to course materials

Access materials from your online course dashboard

12 months live group Q&A after the course 

Dates will be announced in the coming weeks.

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Absolutely the best bang for buck I have ever spent in 'training', I think anyone on an agile team using User Stories would benefit from this class.”

Doug Tooley
Scrum Master, Agile Coach

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Everything You Need to Master User Stories In

Our popular video course is now a facilitated one-day workshop:

Limited Spaces - Register early to be first to know when places are available.

What Stories Are

During one day of live discussions and group exercises, you’ll be guided through the fundamental rules of crafting great user stories.

This gives you the chance to learn and ask questions while also bringing the theory to life with practical exercises and breakout sessions.

Lifetime Access

Learn Online, Remember Forever:
Lifetime Access to All Materials

After the class you’ll get to keep a recording of the live sessions as well as additional training materials and downloads - all accessible from your personal dashboard.

With lifetime access, you can refer to the materials whenever you need to, which means you don’t have to worry about remembering everything during the day. 

Who is it for?

This live, online training is designed for:

Scrum Masters

Know how to help your team identify and write the best user stories

Product Owners

Build, prioritize and maintain a product backlog of strong user stories

Agile Team Members

Contribute your skills and provide valuable input when writing better user stories.

10,000+ individuals from companies across the globe have taken training from Mountain Goat Software and leveled up their skills:

One-day, live, online class - where you'll learn to write better user stories

Practical exercises - leave with your stories written

Coaching tips - so you can guide your team

FREE: 12 months Agile Mentors Membership - with live Q&A sessions

What to Expect:

Live Facilitation

Fast Track Your User Stories Skills With Live Facilitation

You’ll start by learning why user stories are so important, as well as critical details that are often overlooked. This makes it clear why user stories are important to any agile project. 

Avoiding Common Problems

You’ll also cover troubleshooting techniques for common problems. From spending too much time splitting stories, adding too much detail, to managing the need for a requirements document.

You’ll know how to eliminate issues as they arise, making it easier to transition teams and make them more comfortable in adopting user stories. 

Splitting Stories

You don’t need 20 different ways to split a story, you need a focused, proven and practical method. The SPIDR approach looks at the most critical and valuable channels for splitting stories.

This means you and your team can bring stories into an iteration that can be completed independently, and show meaningful progress to stakeholders. 

Adding Detail with Conditions of Satisfaction or Acceptance Criteria

Find the balance of just the right detail, just in time, so that you and your team have enough detail to start work, but not so much detail that it delays progress. 

Users, User Roles and Personas

The course covers how different users, user roles, and personas affect user stories, and how to write stories that capture the requirements of multiple users. You’ll learn how to clearly define stories for different user groups without getting bogged down in too much detail, or missing key functionality. 

Story-Mapping and Story-Writing Workshops

Learn  step-by-step how to run a great workshop so you can highlight gaps, prioritize tasks and choose only the stories that must be present to achieve the minimum viable product. 

What Stories Are

Users, User Roles and Personas

Story-Mapping and Story-Writing Workshops

Adding Detail with Conditions of Satisfaction or Acceptance Criteria

Splitting Stories

Avoiding Common Problems

Dates will be announced soon.

Transform The Product Backlog

Write better user stories easily, so your team can  do its best work, faster

A Message From Mike Cohn

This course shows you how to write, split, add just enough detail, and solve common problems

What You'll Learn

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Free Support Included

12 Months Free Support in Agile Mentors Community ($299 Value)

A forum that’s useful

Friendly, troll-free advice from practical, and experienced members. No questions go unanswered. 

Agile advice as well as direct answers to your specific questions from agile experts including myself.

Monthly coaching calls

These online group events put attendees in charge of the topics. Fast-paced, moderated discussions to inspire you with new ideas.

Online lean coffee events

Planning Poker® tool

Invite unlimited numbers of players without them needing to be members. A great tool for you and your team.

Plus a library of agile resources worth more than 40 SEUS.

Interviews, recordings of previous coaching calls, the entire back catalogue of my Weekly Tip, all in one place.

Anyone who takes a course with us also gets a bonus 12 month membership in the Agile Mentors Community. It usually costs $299 but you get it for free with any certified course. There’s almost too much to mention in this ad about everything you get, but here are the highlights...

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Dates will be announced soon.

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Better User Stories, Live Online.