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One day of discussion with breakout rooms and regular breaks

Lifetime access to course materials

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12 months live group Q&A after the course 

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Learn to Plan
any Agile Project in

This is a live, online, facilitated one-day workshop:

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Understand Story Points

During one day of live discussions and group exercises, you’ll see how to craft a great agile plan. 

This gives you the chance to learn and ask questions while also bringing the theory to life with practical exercises and breakout sessions. 

Lifetime Access

Learn Online, Remember Forever:
Lifetime Access to All Materials

After the class you’ll get to keep a recording of the live sessions as well as additional training materials and downloads - all accessible from your personal dashboard.

With lifetime access, you can refer to the materials whenever you need to, which means you don’t have to worry about remembering everything during the day. 

Who is it for?

This live, online training is designed for...

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to be confident about estimating and making plans for clients or stakeholders where the price, date, or scope may be fixed. It is suitable for product owners, Scrum Masters and team members who want to understand points, create accurate estimates, and communicate them to stakeholders and each other. 

10,000+ individuals from companies across the globe have taken training from Mountain Goat Software and leveled up their skills:

Create an estimate you (and stakeholders) can trust

Build a plan that accounts for the unknown to avoid delays

Stay flexible while keeping within your scope commitment

Free Support Included

12 Months Free Support in Agile Mentors Community ($299 Value)

Live Facilitation

Learn Practical Skills in Real-Time With Live Facilitation

Story points are essential to creating any estimate, but often misunderstood. You’ll learn why story points are relative, and based on risk, uncertainty, and complexity.

By the end of the day you’ll understand what story points are as well as have the confidence and tools to explain them to your team. 

Communicate Points and Plans

In addition to understanding points, and using estimates to make plans, you also need to explain them to clients and stakeholders. This course will show you how to explain points to clients or stakeholders, set expectations, as well as the skills you need to negotiate the initial scope.

You’ll also have the confidence to explain why a buffer isn’t padding, and know how to overcome resistance to the plan you’ve made.

Create Accurate Estimates

With a solid understanding of story points, you’ll learn how to create your estimates. This includes how to establish a baseline so that everyone knows what a 3 point, or an 8 point story looks like.

You’ll also walk through estimating processes including planning poker and affinity estimation. The course also includes how to avoid common mistakes, including anchoring,  biased estimates, and difficult team members. 

Make Agile Plans

Finally, you’ll learn how to make practical plans that work for agile projects. This includes  how to plan even when many backlog details are unknown, as well as how to communicate plans to stakeholders to manage expectations and improve team / stakeholder relationships.

You’ll also see how to make plans for fixed-price, fixed-scope, and fixed-date plans, as well as how to make plans for a year (or more) ahead.

Dates will be announced soon.

You Can be Agile AND Have a Plan

There are many challenges which can make it seem like the only solution is to not have a plan. For example:

A Message From Mike Cohn

See how to create accurate estimates and deliver a plan that has real value

What You'll Learn

One day of discussion with breakout rooms and regular breaks

Lifetime access to course materials

Access materials from your online course dashboard

FREE: 12 months Agile Mentors Membership - with live Q&A sessions

What to Expect:

If you want to create competitive bids, or just confidently answer the questions: what, when, and how much? This course will give you the training and techniques you need.

Promise too much and your reputation is at stake. Promise not enough and you may lose to the competition or stakeholders decide your project isn’t viable and shelve it before it begins.

You can’t afford to make plans in the dark, and this course provides you with guided facilitation (in just one day) so you can: 

Many unknowns at the start of a project

Uncertainty from stakeholders about what they really want

The assumption that no detail is needed up front

… and the desire for teams to pin down every eventually and uncertainty

Throw in third-party dependencies (plus the inevitable obstacles you can’t predict) and you can see why many teams struggle to perfect their agile planning! 

Learn a Repeatable System for Planning in Just ONE Day

Fixed Date

Fixed Scope

Fixed Price

In this live, online, one-day training, you get everything you need to make agile plans including for projects that are:

Whether you take it alone, or with your team, you’ll get a step-by-step approach to estimating and planning. Working with an experienced trainer, and alongside other attendees you’ll participate in live discussions and group exercises, and receive bonus materials to help you apply what you learn long after you take the class. 

Justin Amore
Estimating with Story Points Student

The Godfather of Story Points has done it!

Successfully putting together a one-stop course to teach me everything he does when working with teams. WOW! How can I not succeed now using them correctly and teaching others the right way?!”

I’m using this with my team & seeing improvements already.”

I can highly recommend this course, whether you’re starting out on your agile journey, or if professional who may have been using this technique for some time.

Jane Johnson
Estimating with Story Points Student

Product owners, Scrum Masters & team member who want to master project planning!

Communicate Points and Plans

Make Agile Plans

Create Accurate Estimates

Understand Story Points

Dates will be announced soon.

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Brian Silverio
Estimating with Story Points Student

As a professional who has gone through literally hundreds of estimating ceremonies, Mike has the experience and expertise to guide you through the process and address the challenges you face.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.”

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Dates will be announced soon.

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Friendly, troll-free advice from practical, and experienced members. No questions go unanswered. 

Agile advice as well as direct answers to your specific questions from agile experts including myself.

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Planning Poker® tool

Invite unlimited numbers of players without them needing to be members. A great tool for you and your team.

Plus a library of agile resources worth more than 40 SEUS.

Interviews, recordings of previous coaching calls, the entire back catalogue of my Weekly Tip, all in one place.

Anyone who takes a course with us also gets a bonus 12 month membership in the Agile Mentors Community. It usually costs $299 but you get it for free with any certified course. There’s almost too much to mention in this ad about everything you get, but here are the highlights...

Estimating and Planning Fixed-Price Agile Projects, Live Online.