Write Better User Stories in Less Time With Less Aggravation

The 3 Surprising Techniques of Top Agile Teams

Join Mike Cohn, founder of Mountain Goat Software, as he reveals the little-known secrets smart agile teams adopt to get the best results from user stories.

Mike Cohn

One of the industry's most well respected Certified Scrum Trainers (CST)
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Learn Scrum and agile processes directly from Mike Cohn, one of the industry's most well respected Certified Scrum Trainers (CST). Mike Cohn is the author of User Stories Applied for Agile Software Development, Agile Estimating and Planning, and Succeeding with Agile. He is a co-founder and former board member of the Scrum Alliance, and a co-founder of the non-profit Agile Alliance, home of the Agile Manifesto.

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What you'll learn in this 60-minute FREE training session:

How often you really need to be writing user stories. This might not seem agile (which is why most teams don't do it) ... but it is.

The SINGLE PROBLEM that makes splitting stories so hard (hint: it’s not lack of experience or skill).

THREE QUALIFYING factors a feature needs, to be potentially shippable (and the ONE thing it doesn’t).

How to know whether you are adding too much or too little detail to stories, and the TWO questions you can ask to finally add details ‘just enough’ and ‘just in time’.

How to know exactly WHICH user stories you should be working on when EVERYTHING seems urgent and important.

August 18th, 1pm ET

60-minute FREE video training session on user stories

LIVE Q&A (arrive early to get your questions answered)

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